Shot at various locations across Europe and completed while in quarantine in Sofia, Bulgaria, Niccolò Angeli’s “Fragility” (2020) tells the story of Stefan, a man grieving for his lost lover. Employing both an experimental and surrealist aesthetic, the short treats themes of paranoia and the subconscious as Stefan recounts his experiences in a letter written to his departed. “Fragility” began as a wager made between various European film makers and writers during the Coronavirus pandemic to see who could produce a five-minute short film on the theme of loss while enduring quarantine. Angeli lost the friendly competition by two votes, with German auteur Reinhardt Schliefer taking top prize for his piece “Montag und Morgen” (currently unpublished).


Based on the short story “People of the Land” which appeared in Horror Magazine (Breaking Rules Publishing), March 2020. Directed by: Niccolò Angeli


In 2018, Italian film maker Niccolò Angeli and Alistair Rey traveled across continental Europe and the Mediterranean filming various settings. The clips were compiled into the short “Dark House.” Inspired by the works of Guy Maddin and surrealist movies like Un Chien Andalou, the short film was intended as both a “panoramic dirge” and testament to the “decay and violence of the everyday,” according to Angeli. When asked what he had taken away from working and traveling with Angeli, Rey remarked: “Angeli taught me many things while in Italy, the most important being it is perfectly acceptable to drink alcoholic beverages made almost exclusively from vermouth.”